Friday, February 29, 2008

Toe Jam!

Last night Amelia thought it was funny to pull off my socks. A bit annoying to me because it left me with cold feet. Through this process she discovered toe jam and was fascinated by it. For a good five minutes she picked sock lint from between my toes while saying "ick"! Who knows, maybe there is a career in the field of toe jam removal. If not I guess she could keep it as a hobby.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Biker Chics!

Watch our for these two on the road! As you can see no black leather needed here. Natalie and Amelia prefer to risk a case of road rash when traveling. However a remote is a necessity along with the purple Dora back pack. Can't leave home without them!

Did I mention that these biker chics have Dora tattoos?

As you can see Dora is a big thing in our house. The following photo is the end result of a battle for the prime Dora viewing spot. This bite happened through fleece pajamas! So that one twin does not develop a complex I will refrain from identifying the assailant.

The girls have made up and all is well. They love to play together and prepare for their careers in physical comedy!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Beginning!

So this is the beginning of our journey in the age of blogging. We are hoping to use this blog as a way to quickly share funny photos and stories that happen in the world of two year old twins. Please bear with us as we get this site up and running. Speaking of running.... that is a very common occurrence in our house these days. When Natalie and Amelia are running Mike and I are usually not too far behind.

Check out the red shoes that the girls HAD to wear when they found them in their closet. For some reason there was a short debate over the issue and they won. I guess you choose your least that is my excuse this time!