Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This week we "kicked" off something new for the girls.
We decided that a spring sport with a little more action
may be a bit more appealing than standing on the t-ball field.
Plus this "team" came highly recommended from a good friend.

Now the girls get to play with their friend.
Sammy has a playmate on the sidelines.
and the adults...
well we get to
enjoy spring evenings rushing dinner into our children,
lacing up cleats, applying shin guards, promoting water breaks
and cheerleading together!

Natalie starting off

Girls ready to "kick" off

Practice drills

Soccer freeze tag

"Watch out Natalie!"

Amelia going for the goal

One-on-one scrimmage
(between two Amelias)

Tonight was the second night and at the end of practice
their group had a small scrimmage.

During this event the girls hung out in the goal with 3-4 other kids.
On the car ride home I inquired as to why they did not go out after
the ball like everyone else.

Amelia's exasperated answer, "Uh, Mom...we were on REFENCE that's why.
Our job was to keep the ball out of the goal.
that's what REFENCE does."

Of course Amelia...I should have known.
REFENCE...what was I thinking  : )