Monday, September 20, 2010

Apple Picking

The annual trip to the orchard took place last weekend.
This year was so different with Sam mobile and eager to run everywhere.
Here are some of our favorite shots!

Amelia, Natalie and Sam

searching for the right ones

Amelia having a snack

Sam looking for worm holes

Amelia and Natalie posing for Dad

Natalie hiding in the hay bale maze

checking out the goats

And my personal favorite...
Natalie deciding she doesn't like skin after all!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Year

Another summer has come to an end and with that Mike turns a year older
and I take the traditional first day of school photo.
From kindergarten to senior year I always posed upon request for my Mom on the first day.
I started the tradition again once I had kids
and now I no longer am wearing the new shoes and well thought-out outfit.
I now just wear the
welcoming-I-am-fun-loving-this-is going-to be-a-good-year-
middle school teacher attire.

So as I am exhausted after the first day of school
I will just leave you with a few photos from then and now
For those of you parents and non-teachers out there
the first day ranks at the top of the most tiresome days along with
the day before winter break, spring break and the last day of school.

The good thing about the first day is teachers still have some energy to spare. : )

Mike's 33rd birthday

Mike's 34th Birthday

First Day 2009

First Day 2010

Hopefully it is only the kids that look older in these pictures.
If you disagree..please...please don't ever tell us.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sprinkler Fun

The girls love playing and spraying with their little sprinkler.
They love to bend, twist, pull and aim their sprinkler at anything in firing range.

With all this use and abuse I am not sure it will last until next summer.
But at ten dollars maybe...just maybe...
I could invest in a new one for next year. : )

Sam...well he prefers the quiet and reflective
water play outside of the sprinkler blast zone.

Something tells me that next summer he will be waging a
sprinkler war against his sisters.