Monday, September 19, 2011

An Apple a Day...

"makes a teacher happy"
(according to the girls)

The yearly trip to the orchard was so much fun.
With so may photos its hard to post just one.
(cheesy rhyme...i know...but go with it..ok?)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Special K Highlights

With the first week of school done (only 36 more to go)
Its time to share some highlights and comments from the girls.
The list that follows are partial or full quotes from the new students themselves.

"Hamsterella our class pet is so cute"
"we had chocolate milk for snack"
"the playground is so big"
"we got to go outside two times"
"a teacher brought a sheep to the gym today"
"boys on the bus were pulling our legs"
"I think I want to try hot lunch not home lunch"
"I had chocolate milk for lunch"
"we met Henrietta the hedgehog"
"in music class you can't touch the instruments or you can't play the games"
"for seatwork today we drew a picture"
"a boy on the bus touched the top of my head"
"animal crackers for snack are good"
"did you know they have a big red slide there?"
"I think too much chocolate milk made my tummy upset"
"I met Og the frog..his mouth is bigger than his body"
"Sorry Mom, I spilled chocolate milk on my clothes again"
"Dad was right we did make new friends"
"In music class we had to run around until the music stops"
"they have hula hoops for gym class and I did a good job"
"getting up early is hard"
"another teacher brought a tortoise today...they can grow SUPERbig"
"I had to practice my letters and sounds they make"
"we have recess, then lunch, then rest time"
"our teacher is nice, she read a book to us today"
"in technology class I used a computer with a partner"
"for kindness class we met a nice brown dog"
"maybe I should only have chocolate milk one time during the day"
"ah Mom...we don't like kindergarten...we LOVE it!"

of course there were more comments 
and I'll keep sharing the great things from school
until the next time picture this classroom
with these girls
excited to be at school.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Mike sent me an e-mail today that sums up our feelings and thoughts
on this momentous first day of kindergarten.
I promise that later in the week I will post more pictures and highlights. 
But for now...

In the words of their father,
"I am so proud of how they acted this morning. 
 I was happy that they held hands as they crossed the threshold of kindergarten together. 
There isn't any going back for them, or us, now. "