Thursday, February 16, 2012

Any idea?

What these necklaces are all about?

If you guessed...


they are....

100 fruit loops strung on thread...

to commerate...

the 100th day of school...

you are either...



a parent of a kindergartner!

100 days already???
From a parent's perspective it seems like only 10.

The teacher in feels more like 1000!

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Golden Day

How does a person sum up six wonderful (and crazy) years?
How does a person blessed with two daughters describe
the joy and love they bring to our family?
How does a person show enough gratitude to God
for the miracles that we have?

I don't know
and somedays I forget
how blessed I really am
especially those know...
girls drama days...when...
I swear they are exactly like the middle schoolers I work with.

Today is a Golden Day
A day to remember the joy and love
A day to remember the double miracles
A day to embrace girl drama because we have it...
when six years ago today
no one knew if we ever would.

Natalie and Amelia are six today
on this sixth day of February
And I rejoice
for who they are
what they bring
all six years of it
time is precious
our memories are golden
just like this day...

Natalie and Amelia's Golden Birthday

Love you-Girlies!

May 31, 2006
(16 weeks)
(3 weeks post due date)

 March 11, 2007
(13 months)

 February 21, 2008
(2 years)

 February 6, 2009
(3 years)

 November 7, 2010
(4 years)

 October 6, 2011
(5 years)

February 6, 2012
A Golden Day