Sunday, March 25, 2012


Do you know what this is?

its a tool...

its evidence...

of a crime committed...

right here in this pan...

and here is the thief caught in the act!

What did he steal?

why...frosting of course...
right off the cinnamon rolls!

And then the little crook
has the nerve to use his sticky fingers on my iPad.

Or maybe he is just calculating the number of calories
he just consumed.
You decide.  : )

*note: No children were harmed in the making of this blogpost.
The oven was off and the pan was cooled or
 it would not have been on the edge.

Though the guilty party may have had to serve some time.
A lesser sentence was enforced as he did plead guilty.
smart boy.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The first of many??

A few weeks ago the girls came home with something special.
Something every parent rejoices in.
Something that is really small in the big picture of life.
Yet this something makes us proud all the same.

This picture is courtesy of their teacher
and was taken at an all school assembly.

Amelia's "Fabuloso" award for kindness at school
and setting a good example for others.


Natalie's "W.O.W" academic award for counting
to 100 by 5's and 200 by 10's.

Two awards on the same day.
Maybe it was planned that way to prevent hurt feelings.
It certainly makes it easier for us.

I'd like to think that these two kindergarten awards are
the first of many more to come!

Congrats! Girlies!
We love ya!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Third Birthday

Another fun day here.
A day of celebration as a little man
is now three.

How can that be?
Honestly moving on from infanthood with him was a blessing.
As much as we loved him back then he was a terrible baby.
More work than the twins were and there was two of them.

That baby stage came and went
and into toddlerhood we jumped.
With both feet I might add as we had no idea
what "toddler boy" meant.
As long as more sleep was involved
we were ready for a change.

Baby Sam became Sammy
a little toddler who laughed, danced and bulldozed
through just about eveything.

One turned to two
Sammy started changing...
"I do it myself"
became the new mantra in our house.

But I held the little boy part...
the part that wanted cuddles, nuks and milk before bed.
I couldn't let go...not just yet.

No longer is it Sammy.
It's "Sammy Big Boy"
One who must almost always do it himself.

Toddlerhood. Dare I write it or it may just come true?
It is gone.
Oh my.  Oh my.

Officially preschool age is our new stage.
And with it comes alot of change.
Sam is leading us down that road full throttle.
He is loud.
and likes to slide to a stop on his knees.
(think holes in the pants people...that and carpetburn)

Sam is so funny, corny, and cheesy
in his words, actions and facial expressions.
He is a lover of trucks, cars and trains
(or just about anything with wheels).
He loves to do manly things and be like Dad.
From raking leaves, to shoveling snow,
grocery shopping and
vacuuming the house
are all things the boys in our house do together.

Snacks and treats are his two food groups.
Nothing else is worth his time.
Lucky charms (just the charms) is his addiction
with fruit snacks as a close second.

Its bittersweet.
no baby.
no little boy.
Sammy big boy has arrived.

I don't know about Mike
But I am not ready.
That is evident in the fact that Sam is still in a crib.
We have not forced potty-training.
And yes, people he still has a nuk at night.
(don't tell our dentist)

I am ok with it...the holding back.
Maybe because I know he is the last
and he is my only little boy.

I love him for everthing he is.
I know things are changing
but for now I will relish the times
when the sweet big boy three year-old 
kisses me and says
"I love you Mama"
before I put him to bed at night.

Happy Birthday Sam!

4 days old

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

 3rd Birthday