Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Perfect Day

A perfect day in my world would include multiple moments in which the girls played nicely together. These moments would be spontaneous and creative. These moments would be filled with two-year old chatter and laughter. These moments would make me stop and smile at how wonderful they are together. These moments would be something I would hope for everyday.

This past Monday was a perfect day. For two hours the girls created these "moments " with each other.

And at the end of the day they still managed to sit side by side to share the coveted water coming from the faucet in the tub.

Unfortunately, Monday was too good to be true because since then there have not been many "moments" to enjoy. I guess there is always hope for tomorrow. : )

No Name

So the title of this post would be trademark infringement according to my husband but I had no idea what to title this. There is no particular reason for this post except to share some pictures. That I have been promising to post forever.

So what do you think Amelia is saying here? Feel free to create your own caption in the comment section.

Notice the adult watch on Amelia's arm. She loves to wear adult accessories and to keep them on she walk around with her hand in the air.

I love these outfits. A splurge on my part. I would love to dress them up like this everyday but honestly.....they get soooooooooo dirty! (especially Natalie when she eats...she eats with gusto!)

Finally our attempt at a family photo. Both Mike and I are not even looking at the camera and the girls look less than thrilled...but at least we are all in the shot and no one is crying.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dora Staredown

I promise...I promise to post a bunch of new pictures tonight. Heard that one before haven't you??

To tide you over until then. Check this one out!

Notice the look in their eyes. You can just see the tension. They are contemplating whether to go to blows over the book in front of Natalie.

Dora is a beloved friend in our home. We honestly have no idea how or exactly when they fell in love with her. Anything and everything that has Dora on it is worth fighting for. She is held in such high esteem that when the girls are upset she makes the list of someone who they think will rescue them. More than once while screaming from the timeout spot someone has yelled hysterically..." MAMA, DADA, DORA!"

During those exact moments. I wish Dora would rescue me.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Dada's Stuff

I was down in our pots and pans cabinet trying to find the bread pans to make banana bread when Amelia says,

"Whatcha doin' Mama? That's Dada's stuff."

So obviously the girls think I am inept in the kitchen since they always see Mike cook.

My response...."Dada said Mama can use it. He is sharing his stuff with me. Is that ok?"

Her response, "Of course you can Mama, of course you can."

I wonder if she thinks the broom and cleaning supplies are "Mama's stuff"?

Side note......I hope to post some new photos tomorrow!