Thursday, December 27, 2012

Holiday Festivities

Now that we have had a day or so to recover
I finally made it to the computer to view, upload and share
our holiday shots.

Merry Belated Christmas to all
and we hope that your new year
brings happiness to you.

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Annual Hunt

Time once again to gear up
spot the perfect tree immediately upon arrival
wander around aimlessly making sure there isn't a better option
trip over many tree stumps
brush snow off of prickly limbs
continuously readjust mittens and hats for the perfect comfort level
repeat the mantra "I am not going to carry you." all through the paths

freeze our cheeks
waddle in our boots
squint in the sun
admire the fresh snow sparkle
laugh, run, hide and play...

all what make's this year's hunt a perfect day....

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Fun...Finally!

I promised myself that I would get these photos posted before Christmas came...
and went....

Thank heavens for daylight savings time.
I am up this morning doing laundry, labeling photos and uploading to this post.

What an extra hour can do for a person!

Oh...and did I mention I am up by myself?
How glorious is that?
he-he  : )

Amelia Smiles

Sam Fun

 Natalie Giggles

 Amelia Art

 Natalie Design

 Carving Party




aka Amelia

aka Natalie

 Blue Monster
aka Spider Man
(maybe next year, Sammy)

 The gang

 The end!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hodge Podge

So, this is a post full of a bunch of random stuff.

Because with the start of the school year 
around here just about everything is completely disjointed.

We, of course, have a standard school day routine 
but when you throw in everything else
well...that routine in only a miniscule part of the day.

What have we been doing?

A better question is... what haven't we?

Instead of me blathering on about stuff 
I thought you could get the highlights through 
some photos.

here goes...

 Amelia going for the kick

 Natalie striding across the field

 End of season medals

 Natalie "cheating" during practice spelling test

 Natalie giving her sister "the look"
when Amelia points out her word is spelled wrong

 Sam "parking" his cars

The "Great Pumpkin" search

 Personalized pumpkins


And with get a little taste of our lives lately

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


First day of school
First grade
First time in separate classrooms
First day spending hours apart

First end of day reunion
First school day gossip rundown
First feeling of true independence

a series of firsts...



 Mom's first day photo tradition

 First Graders

First day of Kindergarten
(for comparison)

Monday, August 20, 2012


(Disclaimer..this post was originally written for
Sunday August 19th...but the pictures would not load
so now its a day late.)

I am happy to report that we have not fallen off the face of the planet. 
We are alive, well and still residents of this fine solar system of ours.
I will admit to being A.W.O.L from blog posting.
My excuse (and all together truth) is that it is oh so hard to
find time to sit in front of a computer when you are busy having tons of summer time fun!

I apologize to those who's sun rises and sets on the daily/weekly/monthly ramblings from our family.
I know...I know some of you folks check daily...maybe even hourly for posts about our household. 
We love you all but if that is the need a better hobby....or just come live with us for a while..
Trust won't have the time to check here for new photos and hilarious words of wisdom.

So since my minutes are numbered,  not only do I have to help run a household
but this electronic device I am typing on has been reserved later tonight
for a fantasy football draft....
I really better get on with it.

Tonight is suppose to be a night of Sunday blues for me
(its not the fantasy draft as most people would think)
Tomorrow I start work.
Seems early right?
Yeah, its an extra training and it means that this is it.
Full time work from now until June 2013.
(with a few breaks of course)

While we have been missing in action we have had many days
of laughter and family time.

Here are some photos from a family trip up north
and a friend trip to a waterpark.