Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Fun...Finally!

I promised myself that I would get these photos posted before Christmas came...
and went....

Thank heavens for daylight savings time.
I am up this morning doing laundry, labeling photos and uploading to this post.

What an extra hour can do for a person!

Oh...and did I mention I am up by myself?
How glorious is that?
he-he  : )

Amelia Smiles

Sam Fun

 Natalie Giggles

 Amelia Art

 Natalie Design

 Carving Party




aka Amelia

aka Natalie

 Blue Monster
aka Spider Man
(maybe next year, Sammy)

 The gang

 The end!

1 comment:

kev said...

Great photos and I actually made it in on one of them.

Side note: On earth, Time is a constant. We choose to turn the clocks forward an hour and then backwards an hour. And then you chose to wake up when you did. There are no extra hours. Always 24 in a day. Earth still rotates on its axis at the same speed.