Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And so it begins..........

First off I apologize for not updating this blog lately. May is a busy month with 4 family birthdays and not to mention mother's day. I did receive the best gift in the world this year. My wonderful husband accomplished a task that I have been avoiding for the past 2 years. He surprised me with professional pictures of the girls. This was their first professional photo shoot. Taking the girls is a feat in itself. Getting them ready in pretty dresses and tights is a whole other story. He even managed coordinating barrettes! His sister was kind enough to chaperone the big event. I heard that there was much crying by everyone. But all survived and the photos are great. So good in fact that I said he now can have the photo shoot duty every year!

I intend to post some new photos soon. Life will be better once I am done teaching for the year. I look at other blogs and wonder..where do people find time to keep up with this?

Many funny things have been happening around here. Mostly in the form of new things and ideas that the girls are talking about. They had developmental testing today and are right on track for their age. In fact they are speaking at a level closer to a three year old. The only thing they are a bit behind on is gross motor skills. This means they are not good at things like climbing, running and jumping. Personally, they can stay behind for years if that means I can keep them from going two different directions from me. For those of you who like to follow weights here it goes..

Natalie at birth 1 lb 14 1/2 oz.................Now 25 lbs. 15 oz (25th percentile with other 2 yr olds)
Amelia at birth 2 lbs. 2 oz.......................Now 27 lbs. 14oz (50th percentile with other 2 yr olds)

To end this post I want to relate what happened at 8:45 tonight. The girls went to bed at 7:30 and were still laughing and giggling from their separate cribs at 8:30. So Mike went up to use the ever-so-handy Dad voice and tell them to go to sleep. Do you want to guess what he found????

A completely naked Amelia! Yep, she had removed her pajamas, stripped off her diaper, and then wet the bed in her excitement.

I read that this could happen. One of my "raising twins" books mentioned that the only way one Mom could keep diapers on her twins at night was duct tape.

So only time will tell if our bedtime routine will now include brushing teeth, reading books, and applying duct tape.