Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Bedtime Lesson in Lexicography (ie Wordy Wednesday)

During tonight's bedtime routine I found myself in the middle of a rather interesting lesson. Turns out Natalie has been inventing terms that relate to Amelia's reactions to Natalie's behavior.

N: Dad, did you know that Amelia is innertatient?
Me: No, Natalie, what does innertatient mean?
N: [sitting up in bed and looking at Amelia across the room] Innertatient is when someone says you are rude.
A: I am not rude.
N: I did not say you were rude. I was SAYING you CALLED me rude.
A: [sitting up in bed crying] Dad, tell her to stop calling me names.
Me: Natalie, please don't call your sister names.
N: Not even aggletic?
Me: What does aggletic mean? Do you mean athletic? You mean Amelia is good at sports?
N: No, aggletic.
Me: What does aggletic mean?
N: Aggletic is the person who just called me rude.
A: [seriously fuming mad now] Dad, GET HER TO STOP!!
Me: Natalie, it is not nice to call people names. Please stop.
N: [bubbly] Ok.

Although we stress that name calling is not allowed, I can't help but be a little proud that Natalie invented, defined and committed these terms to memory all by herself.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday, January 3, 2011

Holiday Extravaganza!

Now that it is over and we are all healthy and well rested
I can finally get to sharing some of the photos from the holiday extravaganza
(or as we really like to say around here...the holiday BONANZA!)

For the most part we faired well except for one now minor
but seemed major at the time bump in the road.
You see like many families we ended up with a bit of illness over the holidays.
The good thing is it only hit 3 out of 5 of us.
The bad thing is that all the girls in the house had the stomach flu Christmas Eve night
into Christmas day....perfect timing...wouldn't you say?

So our holiday celebrations were muted by exhaustion and
our Christmas decor now included a few extra buckets lying around.
We missed celebrating with Mike's family at his parents house however on
Christmas evening we were blessed by loving family members who brought the party to us.

I will spare you the pictures of wiped out kids and Mom
and share with you the ones we are choosing to remember.

enjoying Christmas treats

Amelia and Natalie in their holiday finery

Natalie and Mom

Sam and Dad

Amelia and Mom

Christmas Eve
family photo

the classic toy...lite brites!

the disaster Santa left behind
Christmas morning

Christmas Day gift opening

Natalie and Amelia chatting with their tia
(sporting their new princess shirts from Santa)

Natalie and the giraffe she desperately wanted
Thanks Tia!

Sam posing in front of Santa's big gift to all the kids.

Thank heavens Santa had enough foresight to make sure
there were enough remote controlled trains for everyone!

Santa must be a highly trained professional.