Monday, October 15, 2012

Hodge Podge

So, this is a post full of a bunch of random stuff.

Because with the start of the school year 
around here just about everything is completely disjointed.

We, of course, have a standard school day routine 
but when you throw in everything else
well...that routine in only a miniscule part of the day.

What have we been doing?

A better question is... what haven't we?

Instead of me blathering on about stuff 
I thought you could get the highlights through 
some photos.

here goes...

 Amelia going for the kick

 Natalie striding across the field

 End of season medals

 Natalie "cheating" during practice spelling test

 Natalie giving her sister "the look"
when Amelia points out her word is spelled wrong

 Sam "parking" his cars

The "Great Pumpkin" search

 Personalized pumpkins


And with get a little taste of our lives lately