Thursday, November 17, 2011

Extreme Flagging**

Its the time of year when almost everyday a new toy catalog arrives.
When you have three young children these advertisements put a parent in a Catch 22 situation.
The catalogs themselves keep the kids relatively busy and quiet for at least 15 mins.
But then for at least days after the arrival of the latest and greatest 
one must hear about all the wonderful things within it.

To curb the enthusiasm and make the Christmas spirit sparkle in our kids
we decided it was time to start working on their "lists".
While I was out one night last week 
Mike took the reindeer by the horns and started the list making process.

How did it go?
Especially with three kids who cannot write more than basic sight words? are not seeing double.
That is the true amount of post-it flags.
 I think if post-it flagging hit the X-games
Amelia and Natalie have a chance for top honors in
Extreme Flagging!

 Most flags where found on pages such as this.
No surprise there.

Others branched out a bit while still sticking to a more feminine theme.

 Now here Natalie strays from the norm in hopes of a new fishing pole.
Interesting since my Dad bought her a princess one two years ago.

 Christmas lights, Nat?
After seeing this I found out on one of our many commutes 
that the girls think the white lights we put on out house 
are "BORING" and we should put up "MAGNIFICENT" colored lights.

(note to self....colored matter the cost)

Ok...seems harmless enough $19.99 for a deer.
The girls like animals...alot.
So I am not surprised by this flag....
until...I read...

48" 3-D Deer Target
Inflatable 3-D deer with hook and target area

How is Santa going to explain the purpose of the 
large black circle?

Well I am not sure what to say so I certainly hope he leaves a note!

**this post is dedicated to my friend Chelsea...who needs and deserves a laugh or two.
She's just entered the fight ring with cancer and my money is on her.
love ya-  Chels!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Better Late Than Never

What more can I say?
I tried to get these posted sooner but life got it the way!  : )

This year I finally conceded I let the girls fulfill their princess dream.
It's not that I have anything against royalty I am sure they are rather pleasant.
I'll let you know if I ever meet one of the Royals...Disney or Windsor.
The princess thing at Halloween just seems so overdone.
Not to mention those types of costumes are in no way insulating for skinny little girls.
But as a good mother would I gave in made their Halloween dreams come true.
The decision did have more than a "making your kids think you are the best Mom in the world" payoff.
The costumes are replacing their trashed dress-up gowns...very economical, don't you think?

Sam... he was easy. 
A well known fact is he LOVES sharks.
especially Hammerheads...
too bad Old Navy didn't carry that kind of costume.

 Amelia as Sleeping Beauty

 Natalie as Cinderella

 Sammy the Great White Shark

This is a great picture of life around here...
princess wave, shark "roar", obligatory smiles
and chaos all the time.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


 This year the girls drew out their own pumpkin faces.
As you will see it was impossible to carve exactly what they drew.
Mike and I tried our best to keep the integrity of their plans intact.

We did however take our own artistic license.  : )

Sam was not so keen on pumpkins guts at first.
However he did finally succumb to a bit of peer pressure.
Its amazing what having older siblings will get a kids to do. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

If the 1970's had flatscreen t.v.'s...

 Last week-

This week-

Thanks to water damage this summer we had to 
replace the carpet in our basement.

My husband is a rockstar! 
He sought out the best price, brought home the samples,
moved all the furniture and ripped out all the carpet.

Me...I sat around and ate bon-bons watching Lifetime t.v. all day long.

Thanks to all who supported us in this long process.
We are a bit behind on things....blogging included.
Hopefully we will be back on track soon.

The reasoning behind the tile pattern choice and layout is beyond us.
We are just glad it's covered up again!

Stay tuned...Halloween festivities photos to come...

someday this week....

when I can find time...

to sort through them all...

Did I mention I was HOPING to get back on track?