Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Where do I start??

that is the question...
where to begin on the past two months
heavens...approaching three months...

I can't even begin to think of where to start.
So instead of trying to explain it all
I am going to just pretend that I never took 
a blogging hiatus 
and start with the

 two beautiful concert girls
a few weeks ago the Natalie and Amelia
performed wonderfully in their first grade music concert

They were so proud and excited to showcase
what they have been preparing for all year.

Even though we were crowded in a hot gym
we loved every moment.

I will admit to a few choked-up nostalgic moments
on my part...where did my little girls go??

And this little one is finally big enough to play.
Talk about loving every moment.
He eagerly awaits soccer night every week.

I am amazed by his ability to just join in,
listen to his coach
(which is proof that he can listen and follow directions when he wants to)
and have a great time running around the field.

His sisters have played for a while but are not in love with soccer.
Sam, though right now...would play every night if you let him!

Last but not least...the reason behind the blogging break.

We have been busy updating, cleaning and showing...
and our reward for our efforts....

we are moving...
someday into a brand new house...
that won't be ready until the fall.

where are we going in the meantime...
starting in late June..
some of you know
but since the kids don't yet...

I'll leave you in suspense.
Hopefully it won't take me another three months to get back to you.

Here is to "approximately 10 days left in the school year!"

Monday, March 4, 2013

4 on the 4th!

A perfect day in so many ways!
A special golden day for our golden boy..

The annual trip to Perkins for sprinkle pancakes with whip cream.

Birthday wishes from friends and family
Handmade notes and cards from loving sisters.

boy toys...abound...

a perfect day...

and loving

and intelligent

truck loving

one of a kind

how we love you so...

Happy Golden 4th Birthday Amazing Super Sam!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Another year...
now you are 7!

quite hard to comprehend...

our beautiful girls.
full of life
full of love

model students
enthusiastic learners
voracious readers

overly dramatic

always growing
both in physical and mental form

and rewards

oh, how we love you so...

Happy 7th Birthday Girls!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Frosty Fun

Since it has been exactly a month since my last post
I guess its about time I share something from our lives.
Lately the days are filled with the normal routine.

Even though there is nothing really out of the ordinary going on
our days seem to fly by and the "to do" list continues to grow.

At this particular moment in time everyone is happy and healthy.

Though with a family of five that can change at any moment...

I hope I did not just jinx myself.  :)

Yesterday the temperatures rose above deadly to just frigid.

So off to the nature center's Frosty Fun Festival we went!

First event-  the dogsled races

Look how eager these dogs are!

 Ok it wasn't really a race...
but more like a thrilling ride!

 Next up-  ice golf

 The level of difficulty dramatically increases 
when you can't even stand very well on the course.

Break time in the snow hut.

 Third event-  ice bowling with a frozen chicken

 As you can see Sam is a natural.

For your entertainment-  kicksledding

 It is sad when your daughter laps you.

 Some events require speed, others strength...
this one is all skill-  ice towers!

 And for the victory lap to top off the festival-  a sleigh ride
pulled by...

Santa's Reindeer!

We hope your weekend was also filled with family fun!