Friday, August 29, 2008

A fitting new name

Can you guess what the girls call these?


(Trust me, I don't make this stuff up. I couldn't even if I tried.)


The other day the girls could not walk to the park with the other kids from daycare. They had to stay behind with another provider. Now this did not happen because the girls had lost the privilege of going. This happened because when the girls reached the curb to cross the street they screamed,

"We can't go in the street! Only cars go in the street! We can't go in the street. That is danger!"

Well you can't get to the park unless you cross the street and they refused to do so.

I am happy that they listen to us. I just did not expect them to be so literal about it.

Did you say a snake?

Conversation with Amelia on the way home from daycare today,

A: Mama I have a snake in my pants and it is itching me. Please change it.

M: A snake? You have a snake in your pants?

A: Yes, Mama the snake is itching me. Change it.

M: A snake?

A: Yes.

Translation: She had pooped and wanted me to change it. Where the heck did she come up with a snake from? Toddlers certainly do baffle me.

Last Days of Summer

With the school year starting next week summer vacation is now officially over. I have been back to work all week getting ready to greet and teach the students on Tuesday morning.

Before we move into the joys of fall I wanted to share with you some photos from the last days of summer at our house.

Shucking corn with Dad

Decorating bikes with chalk

Natalie hanging out

Coloring fun

Getting back into the routine of teaching and parenting is going to be challenging but good for all of our family

Shades and 4 Generations

A few weeks ago we traveled to a 95th birthday party for my Grandfather. The girls were stylin' in the car with their Dora shades on.

Amelia playing it cool.

Natalie needing some style pointers from her sister.

Four generations celebrating a great man together!

(Keep in mind that it is literally impossible to get 5 people ages 2-95 to look and smile all at once.)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


These next photos are actually from July but I just had to share them.

Holding hands and trying to walk backwards down a hill.

Giving up and choosing to slide down the hill instead.

Endless Blocks

What looks like Amelia innocently putting her blocks into her cardboard condo (this is what Mike built the girls from some of our kitchen cabinet boxes) is actually her playing one of her favorite games of "put anything and everything you can fit through the window into the house". I don't mind the game at all as it seems to keep her busy. However I am not fond of her throwing non-toy-like-things into the house. Trust me when you are larger than a toddler it is hard to get items out.

Amelia putting blocks in

and Natalie taking blocks out

Does anyone want to guess how long it took
them to figure out why they were never
done with their individual task?

This is one of those activities I could have encouraged for hours. Too bad it started about 10 minutes before bedtime. Hopefully I can encourage them to repeat this event tomorrow! I'd be happy to lay on the couch and supervise their hard work.