Monday, August 20, 2012


(Disclaimer..this post was originally written for
Sunday August 19th...but the pictures would not load
so now its a day late.)

I am happy to report that we have not fallen off the face of the planet. 
We are alive, well and still residents of this fine solar system of ours.
I will admit to being A.W.O.L from blog posting.
My excuse (and all together truth) is that it is oh so hard to
find time to sit in front of a computer when you are busy having tons of summer time fun!

I apologize to those who's sun rises and sets on the daily/weekly/monthly ramblings from our family.
I know...I know some of you folks check daily...maybe even hourly for posts about our household. 
We love you all but if that is the need a better hobby....or just come live with us for a while..
Trust won't have the time to check here for new photos and hilarious words of wisdom.

So since my minutes are numbered,  not only do I have to help run a household
but this electronic device I am typing on has been reserved later tonight
for a fantasy football draft....
I really better get on with it.

Tonight is suppose to be a night of Sunday blues for me
(its not the fantasy draft as most people would think)
Tomorrow I start work.
Seems early right?
Yeah, its an extra training and it means that this is it.
Full time work from now until June 2013.
(with a few breaks of course)

While we have been missing in action we have had many days
of laughter and family time.

Here are some photos from a family trip up north
and a friend trip to a waterpark.