Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wayne's Wordless Wednesday**

**this wordless wednesday post is in honor of Great-Grandpa Wayne
who now today is at peace.
Thanks be to God.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Momentous Miscellaenous

Today, the last day of winter break, gave me many reasons to celebrate.
It is always hard to go back to work after a fun-filled holiday season.
This year may be even harder as the girls also have to get back into the school routine.

This last day of break for teachers and students is traditionally a day of mourning.
I will admit waking up and being bummed out.
But then...the day...well it surprised me...
just read on....and see...

The morning started with all three kids playing TOGETHER
with new Doh and tools from Santa.

Sam making "chocolate cookies"

Natalie rolling her Doh

Amelia twirling hers

Then to add to the reasons to celebrate...

This year the girls can actually pull each other around.

Sam can't get enough of the stuff and has been checking daily
to see if the ground had turned to white from brown.

Amelia pouting or keeping warm?
I'll let you decide.

Natalie and Sam

Amelia and Sam

Then, you won't believe it...but this afternoon
3:30-6:30 to be exact....
these Snow Angels...
they played in their room with no fighting...
not one bit for three hours straight.
Ring in the New Year!!
I am loving the start so far!

Finally, the real reason that today is momentous...
It all has to do with this special big guy...
10 years ago today we had our first date.

So much has changed...
he no longer wears and earring.
I no longer have a haircut similar to Sam's.
Our house is loud, our bodies are weary
but without that first date...
well today I would not have had
these many reasons to celebrate.

Love ya- Mike!
Thanks for making the first move.