Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Little Boy Dreams

Little boys have many dreams.
Some that could become reality.
Some that are so out there that only another solar system, galaxy, and
dimension could make them come true.

Others just happen by chance.
Those are the best kind.
The unexpected dreams.

A few weeks ago we needed a sitter for Sam.
A very giving friend offered to take him
on the same night as her neighborhood block party.

And what of course makes a block party complete....
(besides Sammy's best friend along side him)

fire engines!

for those who don't know Sam 
he has been obsessed with trucks
since he was about one.

So a fire truck...
a ladder truck...
up close...

and a ride in it...

a little boy's dream come true.

He did get a real ride.
No car seat
 but instead strapped in 
like a real fire fighter!


Speaking of dreams come true.
Today I leave to fulfill one of mine.
I'll be gone a while.

I'll miss my kids like mad.

But as I told them this morning...
i'll be back...
with photos to share
and stories to tell.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The End

its done.
The big K.

So hard to believe.

One of our great joys this past week was attending their
end of year performance.
The challenge...quieting their brother who wanted to sing
loudly along with some of the songs.
The girls love their school, their teacher and they have
changed so much in one year.
 Even though I am a teacher I am amazed
by what some people can do in one school year.
Kindergarten is not my thing.
And thank heavens there are great people like their
teacher who have a passion for what they do and are great at it.

We considerate our family so fortunate to have found a
wonderful place for our girls to grow and learn.

The school the girls attend has partnership with a nearby
nature center and their outdoor stage was the perfect venue.

 Every student had a special part in at least one song.
They also made their own props.

 Amelia was so proud of her bunny song.
In the days prior she kept telling us, 
 "and this one part will just make you crack up!"
(True to her words...she did...see the evidence above)

 Many action filled songs

 Natalie as a "Speckled Frog"
with a party blower for a tongue!

 Giving her Dad the Natalie look

 Group Shot
(notice the girls are not next to each other)

 Singing with her friends

 Singing her heart out...the only way she sings! 
(funny note:  the flower is on the head of the girl behind her)

Natalie and Amelia-
You Did It!!
Now you are officially first graders!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Throw out the old and "swing" in the new...

The metamorphosis of Sam's big boy room is almost complete.

Yes, I am the nerd who threw in science vocabulary...
mostly to make my sister groan, my brother chuckle
and my husband roll his eyes. 
These days I find pleasure in the small things.
And actually poking fun at myself is highly entertaining lately.
You see this is the last week of the school year and I am
constantly vascillating between wanting to jump off the cliff of insanity
to laughing hysterically at the craziness that is my life.

But that is a whole other post...people...one well if my brain
ever starts working at...oh at least 75% capacity..
well I may be able to compose it someday.

But for now an end to the rambling and on to the "change" in Sam's room
(the definition of metamorphosis is there in quotes for my non-science geek of a sister)

The room transformation started at the end of March and finally reached its
end phase in the past few weeks.

The early stages- the side is off the crib but
baby bedding still prevails

Glider and baby gear

And now......drum roll please.....

A "big boy bed"
(and added bonus of 100% nukie free)

Out are the animals and in with our "swinging" new theme.
A theme designed around Sam's personalized autographed jersey.

Finishing touches of a replica 1965 pennant and
original 1987 Homer Hanky.

Now you may or may not have noticed the "almost" in my
original metamorphosis statement.
(those of you scientists out there surely were observant and
noted that minute detail)

What's left in the room's change??


I'll give you one guess.

Striking out on ditching the diapers
for the time being.

Hopefully by fall we finally hit a homerun!!