Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A glimpse of what's to come

One of Amelia's most beloved stuffed animals is a giraffe from IKEA of all places. It is the natural giraffe colors and about 18 inches in length. She affectionately refers to her giraffe as Squawk-Squawk (or Squawkie for short). The name stems from the idea that we once asked her what sound a giraffe makes and "squawk" was the answer. If anyone knows the real sound of a giraffe we would love to know!

This week on the way to work/daycare Amelia accidently dropped her giraffe in the trunk of the minivan. Due to our long commute the girls are allowed to bring two animals in the car along with their precious cuddle blankets. (I swear every major freeway in this state is down to one lane! This fact does not bode well for mothers with multiple kids, two who are known motion sickness sufferers. Only time will tell about the 3rd kid.)

On with the story......needless to say Amelia was very distraught, in fact beside herself that her lovable Squawk-Squawk was no longer in her arms but stuck behind her in the back of the van. Dropping items in the car while I am driving is something that sends ALL of us into a tailspin because usually the devastated child...whines, cries and screams for the lost possession from the moment of release until we arrive home. You would think I would learn and outlaw the animals but for some reason I am a glutton for punishment (or just stupid). Trust me it is a rule I am going to implement for next school year. I mean it this time!

This event was no different than any in the past. Amelia cried crocodile tears and sobbed endlessly for her giraffe. To help drown out the aggravating display from her as I sat in traffic we had a children's radio station on. Ladies and gentlemen I would gladly take annoying kids music over irritating preschooler antics any day!

After what seemed like endless minutes of despair from Amelia she hit a lull and was quiet. I silently thanked God for the small amount of morning peace I was getting in the midst of our traffic jam. I thought maybe...just maybe we had turned the corner and then it happened...

...a glimpse of the future....a terrifying, gut-wrenching prediction of what life will be like in about twelve years...when Amelia and Natalie are sixteen.....

As the song changed on the radio Amelia's silence was broken with hysterical sobbing....the kind where it is hard to understand the words coming from the devastated child...

"Squawkie! Squawkie! This is my favorite song to dance with Squawkie. It is our favorite song to dance to! Oh Squawkie! I want my Squawkie!"

Heaven help us when the first boy breaks up with her. When the time comes I may have to ban all music from our cars and home. If her devastation over Squawkie is any indication of what's to come....I am moving out. ( And NO I am not kidding!)