Wednesday, September 24, 2008


All the females in our house are battling colds. I know how bad I feel so it pains me to see the girls be so uncomfortable. It has made them cranky and poor sleepers. They are fighting more over toys and even chairs in our home. I think it is unfair that the little girls and the pregnant woman should have to suffer as the only male* in the house seems to be just fine and dandy. But what can we do but wait it out.

Amidst all of this misery a moment happened tonight that warmed my heart.

It was about 30 minutes after bedtime and Amelia had a bout of hard coughing. I was standing outside their door listening to see if she was going to be ok.

Natalie says, "Amelia are you alright?"

Amelia replies tiredly, "yes."

a pause and the Natalie responds, "good, I am so glad."

What can I say? I love my sweet little girls.

* this same healthy male did run out twice to find me dr. approved cold meds. and a DQ treat. So I guess I can not wish too much illness upon him.

The World According to N and A- Part 1

Random thought:

The other day we saw a car that had been in a fender bender. Here is what the girls thought...

"Mama that car needs a band-aid, some ice, a lollipop, and a sticker!"

I am assuming they got some of their ideas from their favorite show Dora. We don't offer much more than kisses for "boo-boos" these days. They don't like band-aids and ice and I am not sure if we have ever given them a lollipop. Stickers...well I like to scrapbook so I always have some of those on hand.

Another thought:

You know those balls that hang from electrical wires as warning for airplanes? Our route to work/daycare leads us over a bridge where you can see some of these warning balls spanning the river.

Girls: "Mama, look at those golf balls!"

Me: "I see them. What are those golf balls on?"

Girls: "A hang-glider!"

What???? A hang-glider.....I hate to say it but I think they got that one from Diego, which is another favorite t.v. show of theirs.

If I keep posting like this people are going to think all we let our kids do is watch t.v.....Trust me...we don't.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Golden Arches

Upon seeing the famous golden arches...

Natalie: "Mama that is Old McDonald's!"

Amelia: "Yes, that is where we get milk, chicken nuggets and french fries. We need to go there now!"

We do not go there frequently but the girls have enough exposure to it to know how much they like the food. So to get them from bugging me about it I told them that it was too early in the morning and Old McDonald's was closed. This was not a complete lie...I don't think they serve chicken nuggets and fries at 7:00 a.m.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Ok, so I have been tagged which in the blogging world means I have to follow through on whatever tag game I have now been included in. For this game of tag I must provide my top 20 favorite things.

So here goes in no particular order........

1. cheese
2. ice cream
3. wine (red and white)
4. our new kitchen
5. silly toddler sayings
6. great friends (you know who you are)
7. Lost and Ugly Betty
8. laughing with my husband at the crazy things our kids say and do
9. pretty girly dresses (for my girls)
10. dark beer (no, I don't have a problem I am just pregnant and miss enjoying my drinks)
11. being crafty (scrapbooking and knitting) and enjoying other people's crafts
12. a husband that cooks every night (jealous, aren't you)
13. loving families that live close by (thank you, thank you, thank you!)
14. maternity jeans (every person should be allowed to wear these pregnant or not)
15. miracle daughters that God has blessed me with
16. sleeping children
17. caramel apples
18. peones, tulips, and hydrangeas
19. anything with sprinkles
20. the holidays (the music, lights, decorations, gatherings....everything about them)

Now I am suppose to tag someone else but most people I know don't have a blog so I guess I will have to tag two people who I know will at least e-mail me their lists.

So Laura and're it!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Big News!

For those of you who do not know already....

coming to our lives in late February of 2009

We are very excited. I am actually due March 19th however due to complications from the first pregnancy I have to have this one at 36 weeks which is sometime in late February. I will spare everyone the details but this time around so that we do not have the ONE (yes, it is only one I have ultrasounds to prove it) child three months early like the girls we are taking some medical precautions. I am now 14 weeks and all is well...we even have some insight into the gender of this new child. But that I will wait to reveal at a later date!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Crash and Burn

At the apple orchard this past Sunday Natalie got so excited that she started running. Unfortunately her upper body got ahead of her feet and she took a nose dive (literally) onto some asphalt.

Day 1- minutes after the dive

Day 2- after the dust died down

For those of you who have trouble telling the girls apart you can thank Natalie later for helping you out. I am sure this distinguishing feature will be around for a while.

Apple Orchard

On Sunday in between bouts of rain we managed to go to the apple orchard. The girls had a great time picking apples.

Amelia picking and Natalie bagging

Natalie finding the "big ones"

Amelia feeding the goats

All in all it was a great trip minus the one accident posted above. Good thing the girls love apples...we have plenty!

All by myself!

Natalie was so proud of her accomplishment that I had to take a picture to remember the moment. Right before I took this she was running down the hall screaming, "Mama I did it! I did it! I put it on all by myself!"

Look at how proud she is!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen....she is wearing her shirt around her legs. I couldn't bear to tell her she was a bit wrong when attempting to dress herself.

Saturday Fun!

A favorite activity of the girls is to point out all the food items they recognize from the grocery ad. And believe it or not sometimes their enthusiasm for a particular item influences what their Dad buys. Yes...I am one of those extremely fortunate women who has a husband who both grocery shops and cooks! Now...if I could just get him to scrub the tub...............I'd gladly do the toilets if he would just take on the tub. A girl can only dream!

Natalie prefers to read sideways!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Lots of Love and Apple Pie

My brother starting making pies at a young age. And the following picture is proof of his skills. This past weekend my brother spent time teaching the girls about how to make an apple pie.

at age 3

Measuring apples at age 2 1/2

Stirring in the cinnamon and sugar

Amelia rolling out the dough

Natalie sprinkling on the cinnamon

pre-baked finished product

Thanks uncle for a wonderful baking experience! We're sorry that we were not better cinnamon "sprinklers"! Even though it wasn't the prettiest pie it tasted great.

The Grand Unveiling


Natalie and Amelia's room

Natalie's Side

Amelia's Side

and After...

New Big Girls Beds!

Natalie's Side

Amelia's Side

Book Rack and Fun Magnetic Chalkboard

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Coming Soon...

to a girls' bedroom ...

New Big Girl Beds!

Right now they are sitting in the basement until we have time to take the cribs down (which will hopefully be tomorrow). As I type this post I am sitting squished between these beds and the computer desk you see in the background. Check back soon to see the room transformation!

Then and Now


First day of daycare 2007


First day of school/daycare 2008 much they have changed.