Thursday, July 14, 2011

Ball Field to speak.

This is the first year we have not gone to the ball field to watch Mike play.
In a wife-supported act of self preservation Mike chose this year
to hang up the mitt to take out the clubs.
He figured in order to protect his body it was time to take on finessing his golf game.

Being that golf leagues are not spectator sports we have been 
going through cheerleading withdrawal.
Plus we just miss all the waiting, sweating and windblown field sand in our faces.
So to meet our ball field needs the girls tried out t-ball this year.

How did it go?
Well in case you were unaware the girls are NOT 
(that's a capital NOT) good in  new situations.
And of course as expected it took them weeks and many tears to get used to the idea.
They have made progress and now are on the field though
 every night it takes a major pep-talk and the occasional bribe to participate.

 A logical parent might ask...why push them??
Well if we didn't I am not so sure they would ever try anything new,  leave our sides
or step foot out of the house for that matter.
In truth the girls can be tearful and clingy in situations they have been fine and happy
in many times haircuts, swimming lessons, daycare, libraries.
Places where we are not even leaving them for heaven's sake!
(Can you tell I am getting fired up here?)

In the end we choose to battle because the world has so much to experience
and we would hate for them to miss out and become recluses who never branch out.
I can't say I am looking forward to kindergarten and the battle that is going to be.
The girls are funny as they "talk the talk" about how great ___________ is going to be
and how they won't cry and they will have so much fun.
Yet my husband and I are highly trained professionals 
and we see through that load of bologna every time.
We know exactly what we are in for.

This upcoming fall due to where the girls are going to school I  will be dropping them off everyday.
In an act of self-preservation for myself after many internal debates
I pushed to have the girls in the same kindergarten class.
I am hoping having them together will help alleviate the drama...
or maybe not...maybe it will just make it grow exponentially.
God is the only thing that will help me then...
trust me...I know what they are capable of.  : )

Now that I have veered off course on this post let me close with
a few photos of a childhood summer time rite of passage...
ball field fun!

Amelia batting on her own

Natalie still insisting on help from her coach

Natalie running the bases while twirling her hair


Amelia running home


Amelia autographing the field

Natalie following suit

Ballplayers in the making?? Too early to tell.
Let's just say we may consider trying soccer next year.  : )

Monday, July 11, 2011

Staying Cool

In an effort to stay cool we have been doing some fun indoor activities.
The kids love to paint.
I don't really love the mess.
But that's why I am thankful for washable paints.
This year Sam had to be part of the creative team.
Check out his color choices versus the girl's.
I had no influence on any of their pieces of art.
It's  amazing to see the difference in gender styles.


Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth!

Here are some snapshots from our backyard photoshoot today.
I knew our little Sam was a ham....but seriously???
Check out the progression of he for real???

And the cap I found on's so awful it's awesome!
Don't you think?