Thursday, July 26, 2012


Dear Department of Transportation,

     When the pretend play of young children mimics what they experience on EVERY major road in our area you know there is a problem.  Please...please...for the sake of these young impressionable children don't taint their opinions of our fine state and all it has to offer by holding them hostage within their vehicle.  Also it would be a great public service if you could spare the sanity of the adults traveling within the family vehicle.  The alternating torture of mind-numbing children's music and sibling bickering is enough to drive any reasonable individual over the edge.  In closing, please examine the attached photo carefully and think of those young ones who now believe one lane on the road is for cars...and the other construction vehicles.

                                                                                                   One Mini-Van Mom

P.S.  This photo is not a set-up.  It's the real deal.  Please give us a break! (pun intended)


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

One of the many reasons...

that I love this boy...

is that he has the amazing ability to make us laugh
without even trying.

case in point:

The other day I finally gave in and laid on the couch
to be his patient for a little doctor's office pretend play.
Like many families we have one of those play doctor's kits
equipped with the basics.

It's going to be hard to portray the story here as I can't
write out his facial expressions.
I am hoping the words are enough.

Sam:  "Mom hold still while I check your heart"
(using stethescope around his neck and not in his ears)

Sam: "Be quiet I am listening to your heart!"
Sam: (eyes scrunched real serious-like)
"Yep, Mom your heart it has a bad throat.
A real bad throat from eating too much breakfast!"

note to self...maybe this is the new description for heartburn??

Sam:  "Mom, now look at me.
I want to check your eyes!"

Sam: "Ooo Mom, you have something in your eyes!"
Me: "Oh really?  What do you think it is?"
Sam: (again eyes scrunched real serious-like)
"It looks like you have peanuts in there Mom!"

I struggled not to burst out laughing when
from the peanut gallery across the room (pun intended)...

Natalie: "Mom you don't have a penis.  You are a girl!"
Me: "I know Nat, he said I have PEANUTS!"


Natalie: (as she comes running)
"Oh, can I have some?"  : )


When trying to take his photo today
I asked him to give me some of his different faces.
This is what I got...




and this is what I got when I asked for the
"I love you Mama" face

These days he is getting wilder
the running, jumping, screaming
are just a few things we try to tone down at times.

He wants to be indepedenat at most things...
"I a big boy, I do it MYSELF!"

Though when we suggest, coerce, enforce toliet training..
"I too little, I can't do it.  I don't know how." convenient.

I chuckle inside as he tries to wrap us
around his little fingers.

His genuine humor may win us over...
or at least me..
especially when on a crazy morning of trying to bake cookies
with three kids I hear from the other room....

Amelia:  "Sam, do you want to play house with us?"
Sam: (enthusiastically) "Oh Yeah, I do.  I want to be the Dad"
Sam: (serious tone)  "I will be the Dad.  Natalie you can be the Mom.
And Amelia you can be the Honey."

You've got me wrapped litle boy...
I love you to infinity and beyond.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tanzania, Africa

Where have I been?
Lately home...actually.
for oh almost two weeks now.

Sorry that I taken so long.
I'd blame it on jet lag...
or catching up with my kids...
or I could make up things like........
I had to put the house back together
after 13 absent days.

The last statement is not even close to true
as my husband is utterly amazing.
The first two were the case for a while.

But now lately I have just been having summer fun.

Back to where I've been.
(see title of post)

Mission trip.
Safari opportunity.
Bonding with my Mom.
Life-long dream.

The travel was long.
The scenery surprising.
The work rewarding.
and the dream fulfilling.

I couldn't have asked for more.

There is no way I can sum it up here.

A taste I can share.
and if you need more....

well just ask!

 Believe it or not...this is Tanzania!

 Village of Bomalang'ombe

How women carry water
and boys play with toys.

Bomalang'ombe village children.
(and hats we gave them)

Students from the secondary school...the mission site.
They are digging a trench for a water pipline.

400 student assembly in our honor.

Market in the larger town of Iringa.

Children in the village of Mtasi.

Mitasi luthern church
where we attended service in Swahili.

Tanzanian science and math posters!
Painted on the side of a primary school.

 Students at the school making greens for our lunch
 (not their lunch...our lunch)

Preschool children waiting to see the mzungus
(translation: white people)

Swahili world map
on side of primary school

Our dining hall at the lodge
in Ruaha National Park

Now this looks like Africa!

Elephant river crossing

Natural lawn mower right outside our room.

This one was for Amelia!

Looks like I thought!

This one is for Natalie!

This one is for me!

Lions eating a giraffe.
(notice how close we are)

Safari Girls!